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ERP for Aviation Industry

Aviation Series 5 Suite: Overview


A Simple Solution for All Aviation Problems—Today and Tomorrow!

In today’s times, the prices of fuel are hitting through the roof. The aviation sector is facing a major challenge regarding the ever rising fuel prices. The competitions among the key players who dominate the aviation sector are no longer able to find a decent margin of profits. Thus, their growth has been restricted which is not good for the economy of the country. The companies are looking for cutting –edge solutions that can help them fix their problems at the earliest and help in increasing their profit margin. They need an ERP for Aviation industry solution that can provide them the following advantages:

  • Automate operations
  • Streamline all engineering and maintenance operations and achieve optimum results
  • Makes the best use of scarce resources and increase the revenue
  • Ensure fleet safety
  • Assist in providing excellent customer service

We, at Online24x7 offer a robust ERP for Aviation solution known as the Aviation Series 5 Suite which helps organizations in meeting various challenges. There are a large number of applications available in the software which automate operations and assist in the reduction of the overhead costs. Organizations with the able use of the ERO can manage the inventory in a highly efficient manner and thus increase aircraft availability. The AOG can be reduced and thus profits can be increased.

The software is highly flexible and easily adjusts to the new demands of the clients and the changing market trends. It can be I stalled either on-premise and can be easily integrated within the existing network. It can adjust to the new customer demands and expanding customer demands. Our business oriented software solution is also offered on Cloud within a secure delivery network. Organizations do not have to spend a fortune on the infrastructure and can use our advanced software to streamline business process and increase profits.

Our Aviation Series 5 Suite boasts of the following technicalities which caters to the demands of the Aviation industry segments.

Our Aviation M&E for Heli-operators


Helicopters are a new age mode of transport that are used often in Emergency medical services in remote locations, search & rescue operations, helicopters often prove to be the last resort. They are often required to operate in different environments that lead to continuous changes in the configuration. The maintenance activities have to be increased so as to match the various operating environments. One of the major challenges of the rotor wing industry is that it does not have synchronized rules and regulations which lead to a marked improvement in the safety rules and compliance levels. Our Aviation M&E for Heli-operator offers the following advantages:

  • The software solution facilitates controlling of the key business activities such as maintenance, operations and supply, cost and licenses-all in a single unified system.
  • Assists in dealing with the constant changes in configuration and different maintenance ideas required to complete a mission successfully.
  • Our solution can be used across a large number of helicopter operators, supporting a fleet size of greater than 800 and a rotor wing user base in excess of 2200.

Our Aviation ERP is capable of excellent implementation which is based upon several years of development and the best customer service. Moreover, with 600 person years of research our suite gives people the best results. The aviation requires extremely high standards of fleet dependability and airworthiness status, which our ERP suite helps them to ensure. With the help of the software, inventory levels can also be checked and procurement can be done at optimum levels.

We offer choice to organizations as to whether they want to install it in on premise or via cloud. They can get it either way; whether they want to integrate it with the existing internal structure or get it delivered through a secure and reliable delivery network. In both the options, they do not have to pay huge costs as our ERP is a cost-efficient solution.

Our Aviation M&E for Airlines:

Become flexible and easily adapt to the changing market environment

Our ERP for Aviation M&E for Airlines is being used across airlines, regional carriers, low cost carriers, specialty operators, cargo, and helicopter operators.

It contains a pro-active project management solution that clearly defines the material requirement and resource requirement for tasks. This requirement is calculated on the basis of defined work areas which describes the work break down structure. The ERP facilitates breaking down of the work plan into distinct and discrete tasks which further define the activity involved in each task. Other factors are also defined such as the actual location of these tasks. Those tasks which are being subcontracted can also be defined. For construction projects, there is also a facility to define real estate related masters such as land and land amalgamation details, work area details etc pertaining to the construction projects can also be defined.

Our Aviation M&E/MRO for MROs:

Improve efficiency, face the market challenges successfully

The Aviation MRO Business is highly complex and unpredictable which poses a major challenge for the sector in terms of sustaining the Maintenance and Repair Organizations. Our ERP for Aviation is highly advanced and consists of features which help organizations gain a competitive edge in this field. With years of experience and an excellent product development exercise, smooth implementation and earnestness to serve customers with the best service, we offer an able solution that meets the challenges faced by the aviation industry in an effective manner. The aviation industry can streamline the intensive activities, reduce turnaround time and optimize operational activity, increase profitability and provide the best customer service.

Our ERP software solution has been tailored made for the Aviation industry. It consists of Aviation Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO) software solutions that can be easily used across Commercial and Defense MROs, and Third Party Maintenance service providers.


Due to the disparate systems that Heli-operators have, duplication of work and irrelevancy starts setting in, Our Aviation Series 5 suite helps in preventing it and helps to improve the their productivity. They can spot opportunities to expand operations and revenue generation opportunities.

  • Our software is compatible on mobile devices and thus gives users the flexibility to access the software while on the go. Organizations can keep a track of the performance of the KPIs and various performance parameters such as profitability by model, MEL count by model, number of oil spills in a period, and the number of accidents per flight hour.
  • With the help of the software, the aviation industry can also track the value of the component lifting counters like Retirement Index Number (RIN), Sling Loads (SL) in addition to Flight Hours, and Flight Cycles, amongst others.
  • The software offers a great deal of flexibility that is required to configure with classes for the management of multiple variations of the same model irrespective of the purpose of the operation which may vary from Medical, Photography, rescue, Arctic navigation etc.
  • The software solution helps gaining a control on the business by using configurable accounting and costing rules engine. A comprehensive financial and management reporting can be done in an easy manner. The software consists of a large database of pre-built reports.

Gain control over different departments and get a better visibility across departments

The configuration needs to change according to the aircraft’s next mission. Our software solution comes with a pre-built, componentized solution which provides great visibility to the organization by offering consistent and updated information. More discipline can be infused in the operations and efficiency can e improved by channeling consistent information, across business functions, to help improve collective decision-making.

  • Our ERP for Aviation industry software solution provides assistance in online reporting of flight logs and snags from flight / remote stations by making use of Electronic Flight Bags (EFB).
  • Organizations can assess and make advance planning for both manpower resources and material. This planning can be done in advance even before the helicopter visits the base.
  • Various reports can be generated such as Helicopter and Fleet Status Reports, Due List Reports. These reports can be prepared to get a clear insight into the aircraft condition and its performance.
  • It also facilitates history tracking and to Alerts/Emails/SMS for activities that require approval. Thus, quick decision making process is enabled.

Increase Adherence to Regulatory and Operational Standards Management Made Easier!

All kind of maintenance tasks can be done in a highly organized manner. The tasks can be executed and complied with all maintenance tasks. There are various maintenance tasks such as modifications, Airworthiness Directives and modifications which are a time consuming task. Our software solutions have a compliance engine which addresses the requirements of the concerned staff. The staff is able to make sure that adherence to regulatory and operational standards are ensured. It continuously analyses the adherence process to procedures as made mandatory by the OEMs and Regulatory Authorities.

  • The software helps in improving the regulatory compliance process.
  • It can generate reliability reports, online.
  • The software is equipped to monitor the real-time operational compliance of the processes. It also reviews the areas for making any improvements in quality.
  • The software solution also assists in the management and maintenance of audit records for all the compliance activities as to whether they are being met on time or not. Recommendations are also provided to prevent repeat problems.


Reduce inventory holding costs; get a complete overview of the supply chain performance

Maintaining the ideal supply-demand balance calls for the need to ensure – proper inventory levels are maintained and purchased at optimized levels. Our software solution provides seamless Integration to enable comprehensive part and component tracking.

  • Our Aviation software solution is embedded with automated inventory replenishment feature which is powered by high-end multi-echelon demand matrices.
  • The software helps in monitoring the supply chain management and therefore reduces the inventory overheads costs to a great extent. Decision support tools are available in the software which assists and ‘Just In Time (JIT)’ requisitioning features helps the organization in making a correct decision regarding the quantity of the procurement.
  • The software solution helps in keeping a check on the part Supply Chain Performance to get an overview of the historical consumption and purchase information. Procurement decisions can be taken after assessing the vendor ratings.
  • Maintenance costs can be streamlined and inventory costs can be reduced with the help of the ‘Comprehensive Power by the Hour Programs’ in the software solution.
  • The software is also equipped with the proactive feature of warranty claims.

Go Paperless
Go Green with Electronic Signatures.

Going paperless has become very important today. Contributing towards a greener planet is being seen as responsibility of every sector. The aviation sector is no exception and efforts are being made to reduce the paperwork. Our aviation software solution can be used with great expertise in mission critical operations, across the world and helps in going paperless.

We provide the aviation industry an ideal combination of latest technology with the n-tier architecture which gives an organization a highly reliable and scalable environment.

  • Our ERP for Aviation industry facilitates a Paperless Task Completion which helps in completing the task online.
  • The software solution records timesheets and Sign-Off tasks online by using smart cards.
  • The software solution is equipped with an in built access to task cards in a single click for technicians’ reference.
  • Our aviation software solution is easily configurable and can be integrated seamlessly with the supplier e-business portal for the purpose of procurement and repair.
  • The software solution uses the Barcoding and RFID capabilities to keep a track and transfer materials in and out of stock.
  • Our EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) has been certified by the FAA as an approved paperless method of data collection at select operators.

Completely Integrated M&E Solution
All in a Single System!

Our Aviation software solution provides a single user-interface which assist in the management of the operations, supply chain, tech documents, costs & licenses etc. it is important to note that inefficient maintenance can lead to reduced reliability and unplanned maintenance tasks lead to faster depreciation of the machinery. To prevent such a situation, we provide a software solution provides easily accessible information continuously across various functions and lead to greatr efficiency and improved productivity levels.

  • The software solution provides a seamless integration between M&E/MRO Solution and Finance Modules .in this combination, the Job Costing module which gives the hour value of inventory and maintenance cost.
  • The software facilitates sharing of information the Planning & Scheduling and Human Resources modules. This ensures best recruitment to handle important tasks.
  • The software solution assist in managing and accessing all source documents (AMM, CMM, SRM, SB/ADs etc,) during the process of work planning and execution.
  • The Work-in- Progress can be monitored as against contractual Turn Around Times (TAT). The bottlenecks can be identified and immediate action can be taken to address the problems.
  • Take advantage of the TAT and workflow engine to receive Alerts/Emails/SMS for activities that require your awareness and customer approval—thereby enabling faster decision making.

Improved Visibility & Control across Departments
Being On The Right Track

The maintenance task accounts for a decent 15% of all the operating costs. The labor costs, material costs, operations management etc have to be looked into with great caution so at to prevent them spiraling out of control. In such circumstances, an elaborate view of the operations across every department is required. It will help organizations in identifying any revenue leakages and will prompt them to follow warranty claims with greater alertness. It will also inform the organizations whether they are complying with the contractual agreements or not. This kind of discipline which helps companies to increase profits in the long run is enforced by the software solution by continuously providing information on a timely basis which might be overlooked by organizations. In the long run, the information gained across all the departments helps to make in collective decision making.

  • The software solution gives organizations real-time monitoring of the Work In-Progress across Maintenance and Supply Chain departments.
  • The software is embedded with graphical screens with color codes which denote items which require attention on a priority basis.
  • The software consists of dashboards and reports which define the utilization of resources. It makes an assessment of the manpower, skill and kind of equipment used across different departments. It also gives a comparative analysis of Planned and Actual schedules costs. It gives a comprehensive view of the operations across different departments and helps to spot any irregularities occurring in the operations and thus efforts can be made to quickly fix them.
  • It initiates auto initiate warranty claims.
  • The software is dynamic in nature and is compatible with a wide range of portable devices.
  • There are various performance metrics embedded in the software such as by Work Center, Average ‘Turn Around Time’ (TAT) by Work Center, etc.

Dynamic Cost Indexing

The software solution allows for a proactive behavior leading to better efficiency. The software solution enables organizations to raise progressive invoices and send automatic bills to the customer on a periodic basis. This helps in increasing profitability and having a control over the billing process by creating a smooth Contract-Execution and Invoice cycle.

  • The software solution is compatible with multiple pricing engines and thus is equipped to charge every customer after calculating services in T & M and fixed prices.
  • The software solution takes into consideration all the terms included in the contracts of the customers. It alerts when the organization tends to exceed the budget limit.
  • Timely billing and invoicing is possible with the software with the self-billing invoices which are dispatched automatically.
  • Our software solution is equipped with a financial engine that is compatible with multi-element, multi-currency or multi-payout payroll.