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Our ERM for Equipment Rentals & Services

Rent It Right.

Manage rental business efficiently, ensure success

The success of the equipment rental and hire organizations depends to a large extent on efficient handling of customers, providing maximum customer satisfaction, ensuring optimum utilization of the vehicles and reduced cost of asset lifecycle management and preparing strategic rental terms. All these factors have to be taken into consideration to run the rental business in the desired manner.

To make sure that all these factors are streamlined and put in process, an efficient Equipment Rentals and Services System Software is required. All the aforementioned activities require great management to keep the business running in a smooth manner. The software system should provide a fully-integrated solution that gives real-time visibility and a complete control over the business.

Online24x7 fully understands the need of the edgy rental business and therefore provides an ERP for Equipment Rentals and Services. It consists of features such as reporting and graphical dashboard that present the entire information in an organized manner. It gives a 360 degree view of all the processes involved in the rental business and helps in taking accurate and prompt decisions.

Business can either choose to get our software on cloud or on premise. The software can be easily integrated with the existing business operations and is ready to use within a short period of time. The software helps in enabling efficient customer service and ensures growth and profitability by managing capital management, technical bandwidth and other processes in the rental business. The ERP consists of industry-specific features support to lease and rental contracts, parts sales, equipment sale and services.

ERP for Equipment Rentals and Services: A comprehensive rental solution

Say goodbye to disparate silo systems. Weave together all facets of your business into a fabric of success

Most rental businesses have got tired of the old incongruent solo systems. Seeing no further benefits they have started using a common platform that can consolidate all the processes involved in the rental business. Our Equipment Rentals and Services System Software is a complete integrated solution that reduces the requirement of different business applications and data-entry points. Moreover, the software minimizes manual inputs and gives real-time information about the different processes.


  • The software solution maintains a close link between leasing and receivables.
  • It consists of a single source that deals with the main three processes of procurement, inventory management and sales management.
  • It monitors different processes such as that of equipment availability, performance management, maintenance management, efficient management of lifestyle cost and profitability.
  • Human capital can be managed with utmost efficiency with the help of the software solution.

Increase your revenue and gain the maximum profits

Plan, monitor and control revenue & cost. Boost ROI like never before.

The key to success in any business is to maintain a fine balance between cost and revenue. These two factors need to be monitored and controlled to gain a sharp increase in the ROI. To achieve this objective, organizations have to upgrade their equipment, improve the performance of the fleet, automatic invoicing done with caution with zero errors should be delivered on time as per the contracts, reduce the maintenance costs of the assets, control fleet expenses and increase the revenue.


  • The Equipment Rentals and Services System Software helps in increasing the fleet uptime via strategic planning for optimum maintenance of the fleet.
  • The condition of the fleet/equipments can be tracked and corrective measures can be taken to implement the same.
  • The ERP uses Maintenance Budget and effectively plan, implement and control repair expenses. It also takes care of the operational and labor expenses.

Know the rental business real time, monitor asset performance

Stay on Track Always. Gauge the Rental Business Real time

Timely information is crucial for the success of any business. In the rental business, information about the health of the fleet, fleet age, fleet utilization and revenue flow needs to be provided on time to monitor asset performance accurately. Our software presents this important information in dashboards and reports making the decision process quick.


  • The software consists of configurable graphical dashboards which give real-time analysis of rental metrics.
  • With the help of the software, rental business performance can be measured accurately with the assistance of dashboards.
  • The software is compatible on portable devices which enable to monitor rental metrics while on the go.

Flexible Rentals and Accurate Billings: Key to retain customers

Nothing is more important than the customer. And nothing pays as much as true customer delight.

In the rental business customers’ approach and contracts may vary. It is important to understand the needs of the customers to serve them in the best possible manner. This way customer can be retained in the long run. Our Equipment Rentals and Services System Software enables organizations to customize the rules and terms for contracts easily. The need for manually raising invoices does not arise and ensures that clients receive invoices on time. These automated activities lead to increase in revenue and more customer satisfaction.


  • The software enables customization of contracts, resulting in customer satisfaction. The configurable rental rules and options lead to quick contract making.
  • Lease orders can be automatically and accurately generated and timely delivery can be ensured.
  • Our ERP for the rental business consists of timesheet-based billing for actual and overtime.

Compatibility to all Revenue Models, serves for multiple business models

Out of box capabilities for multiple business models

Serving multiple business models is profitable but to gain the desired returns, multiple business applications have to be deployed. Our software addresses this requirement efficiently and supports different functions.


  • The ERP supports rentals with or without operators.
  • It supports sale of rental equipment and their spare parts.
  • It supports Project management for rental services.
  • The software solution provides support for the maintenance & repair of third party equipments.
  • It supports the imparting of training services to the clients.

Ensure regulatory compliance, makes the process easy

Make safety a practice. Imbibe it as a way of life in your company.

There are various laws and regulations which companies have to abide to and comply with. The rental business is no different and has to ensure compliance with various laws ensuring operational safety and health. Our ERP for Equipment Rentals and Services helps the rental business in controlling the operations and assists in operating them with increased effectiveness. Simultaneously, it helps in ensuring operational safety.


  • The software helps in employee management. Employee details such as qualifications, certifications, including certifications and licensing details can be easily known.
  • The software assists organizations in ensuring operational safety. Accountability can also be fixed by using the built-in work permit system.
  • The ERP manages all the audit records that are needed to comply within the organization for safety inspections.

Make Rental Operations transparent, manage them with greater efficiency

Be smart, work smart!

Data, facts and information prove to be highly useful for organizations for analyzing business performance and for future decision making. But analysis requires the right tools to get accurate results. Our software consists of features that make sure that the rental business gets correct information on a timely basis.


  • The ERP provides quick information with the help of a business intelligence tool – ‘DecisionWorks’
  • The software provides analytical reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are used to monitor performance.
  • Reports and analytical data can be viewed while on the move as our ERP for Equipment Rentals and Services is compatible with mobile devices.